Break time

At  break time all KS1 children are offered a snack from a selection of fruit and vegetables in their classroom. The food is provided by the School and comes from an approved West Sussex supplier.
We encourage all KS2 children to bring a fresh fruit or  vegetable snack from home.

Lunch time

At lunch time children may either bring in a packed lunch or have a hot school meal.  School meals are provided by Chartwells.

From September 2014 all KS1 children are entitled to a free school meal. These do not need to be booked in advance. The meals are prepared off site, then delivered to school and steam cooked - a similar process to using a pressure cooker. This method is designed to ensure the food retains essential nutrients. There are no artificial additives or preservatives in the meals and special dietary requirements can be catered for. Water and milk are offered daily as drinks with the school meals.
For KS2 children meals are ordered either by phone or online using the Chartwells link below.

Packed lunches

These should be brought into School in a labelled lunch box. As a School with 'Healthy Schools Status' we expect and encourage children's lunch boxes to reflect healthy choices. Therefore fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolate bars are not to be included.


Children under 5 are entitled to free milk, but milk is available to all children who would like to drink it when ordered at Cool Milk.  All milk needs to be ordered online, click on the link to go to the Cool Milk website.

Cool Milk

Free School Meals

Any child of primary school age is eligible for a free school meal if a parent is in receipt of specific state benefits such as income support, job seekers allowance, employment support allowance, child tax credit and income below £16,190 per annum.  If you are in receipt of any of these benefits you can request a free school eligibility check by following the link below.

If your eligibility is confirmed, it also means that the School will receive a pupil premium grant to provide additional educational support to help your child to do well at school. 

In addition to a child receiving a free meal the school receives additional money that is used to support that child in school.

WSCC Free School Meal Application

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