At Ashurst Wood we strongly believe that music helps to develop a pupil’s creativity, imagination, listening skills, confidence and their ability to express their thoughts and feelings. Developing a musical interest can foster many transferable life skills. Through music, pupils can develop listening, performance and evaluation skills as well as developing the skills required for effective learning such as perseverance and commitment. Music offers pupils the opportunity for children to explore their learning, make mistakes and build confidence to develop as independent thinkers.

The school’s music curriculum is rooted in the consensus of the school’s leaders about the knowledge and skills that pupils need in order to take advantage of opportunities, responsibilities and experiences in later life. Music at Ashurst Wood Primary is taught using our long-term which are derived from the National Curriculum as well as the Model Music Curriculum (

The key skills and key knowledge for music have been “mapped” across the school so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before. 

Our music curriculum plays a key role in providing a broad and balanced curriculum across the school. We teach music explicitly and practically through the school’s weekly music lessons, singing assemblies and annual performances such as the Nativity in KS1, the carol service in KS2 and the annual school production. (See performing arts). 

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Christmas Video featuring pupils from Ashurst Wood Primary School

Please enjoy this collaborative Christmas video produced by SAM music services, featuring some of our school’s talented musical pupils.

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