We are extremely proud of all our pupils and we hope that you visit the different sections of this website to find out about the varied opportunities they enjoy which enrich their learning as well as supporting their academic achievements.

We assess pupils' progress and attainment throughout their primary career to enable us to provide the next steps of learning for all our pupils. This happens as part of the everyday routines of learning in the classroom and the children are also part of this process as they evaluate their learning against the learning objectives and success criteria.

The children also undertake statutory tests at key points during their time at school and this data is reported to parents/carers and the DfE. Parents/carers will have the opportunity to discuss their child's progress with the class teacher at formal consultation sessions each term and will receive an Annual Summary Report in the Summer Term each year. There are also many other opportunities, to come into school, to share in the celebration of learning with us all

Pupils in year 1 (and eligible older pupils) undertake the statutory phonics test on a one-to-one to basis during the Summer Term. Results are reported to parents/carers and the local authority.

Teacher assessment is the main focus for end of Key Stage 1 assessment and reporting and is carried out as part of teaching and learning. The statutory National Curriculum tasks and tests must be administered to all eligible children, in year 2, in reading, writing and mathematics. They provide a snapshot of a child's attainment at the end of the key stage, assessed against age-related expectations.

The Key Stage 2 National Curriculum tests are designed to test children's knowledge and understanding of specific elements of the Key Stage 2 programmes of study. They provide a snapshot of a child’s attainment at the end of the key stage, assessed against age-related expectations.

English and mathematics tests are taken at the end of Year 6, usually when children are 11-years-old. Children are also assessed against age-related expectations in science.

Ofsted Reports

The School had an OFSTED inspection in March 2017 which concluded that the School remained a good school.

Due to the structure of the Ofsted Inspections in 2017 the report is written as a letter to the Headteacher and is not broken down into specific areas and sub-gradings.

Ofsted Website - Reports

Due to Covid 19 children did not sit any statutory assessments in May 2020. The links below relate to the previous years assessments for the academic year 2018-2019

School Results

School Performance Tables

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