This week was the last visit to the forest for year 1, 5 and 6, we were very lucky with the weather the sun was shining both days. 

Year 1 enjoyed their first try at lighting a fire using the fire sticks, it was hard work and we all agreed that it needs a lot of practice!  We used the storm kettles to make some hot chocolate, which was yummy.

Reception loved playing in the forest and running round and hiding in different parts we hadn’t explored before. We also collected different plants and created flags using cotton and a rolling pin. We bashed the leaves until we could see the colours and print they made. 

Year 5 were able to set up the storm kettles and made themselves hot chocolate, fantastic work! We also introduced knife work. Sitting in the meadow, we re-established all the safety rules and whittled sticks. Some children also decided to erect the tarpaulin in the meadow, making it free standing. Much trickier without trees. 

Year 6 loved playing capture the flag and just chatting in the forest. They also independently made hot chocolate using the storm kettles. We found lighting the fire a bit tricky as all the wood was very wet.